Life is full of joy, sadness, relationships, challenges, grief, exciting opportunities, and decisions-decisions-decisions.Within a Dream; in front of a closed door.

So many times we find ourselves in, “what do I do?” paralysis never realizing that in doing this we are actually making a decision………to do nothing.   And the whole time you are inactive and doing nothing you are stressing about which way to go with your decision.

This affects your health, your relationships, your peace of mind, and your ability to enjoy your life.  It weighs you down and you move through each day agonizing over your “what do I do?” questions.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to speak with your Higher Power/Angels/Guides to gain their insight?  Or to speak with your loved ones who have passed on to the other side?

Symbols of Your Life can bridge that gap for you and link direct to your Higher Power or loved ones on the other side to help gather those answers.  Through the different services listed in the right column or at the top under the Services drop down, you can step out of that painful paralysis and move forward with your life.

One of the most wonderful gifts I’ve received in this life is the unequivocal knowledge that none of us are alone.  Every moment of our lives we have Guides/Angels/Higher Power who walk quietly beside us.

“We are here for you.  To help gently guide you each day of your life.  You need only quiet your mind to see the answering Symbol images in your mind or you can watch your surroundings to see the Symbols we send you in your everyday life.

We send you Symbols continuously but it’s up to you to understand them and choose through your free will whether to listen to our guidance or not.”



Your Spatial Guides


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